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5th of October 2018
ICRAR/CASS Radio School 2018
by George Heald
The ATNF Radio Astronomy School has a long tradition of educating young radio astronomers about single-dish and interferometric techniques, and has been a powerful resource in fostering a strong Australian radio astronomy community. The Radio School has in past focused largely on ATCA and Parkes, but the radio astronomy community now has access to continually growing survey capability from new Australian radio telescopes: namely, ASKAP and the MWA. These provide tremendous new opportunities and, at the same time, require specialised skills unique to analysis of data from these modern facilities.

To address this changing landscape, CASS has partnered with ICRAR to jointly host a new Radio School in Geraldton, focused primarily on the survey radio telescopes that are now operating in Western Australia. The ICRAR/CASS Radio School is taking place between 1-5 October 2018 at the Geraldton Multipurpose Centre. There are 18 lecturers including experts from ICRAR, CASS, and the international radio astronomy community. A large, international class of 62 students is participating in the Radio School this year. One of the highlights is a day-trip to the MRO which will take place during the school.

The conference organisers would like to acknowledge generous support from ICRAR, CASS, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, and the Geraldton City Council. (Photo credit: Tobias Westmeier)

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