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7th of September 2018
An intermediate mass black hole candidate?
by Ravi et al.
Ravi et al. have investigated the claim that the high-velocity compact molecular cloud CO-0.40-0.22 contains an intermediate mass black hole. They present a collation of radio and infrared data, with Australia Telescope Compact Array constraints on the radio spectrum, and the detection of a mid-infrared counterpart, bothin being in tension with intermediate mass black hole models for CO-0.40-0.22. They do however, find some support for a protostellar-disc scenario for the source, and hypothesize that it is the remnant of a high-velocity cloud that has plunged into the Milky Way from the Galactic halo.

The images above were obtained with the ATCA, Spitzer/IRAC and VISTA and are displayed in Galactic coordinates centred on the ALMA position of CO-0.40-0.22. The non-detection with the ATCA placed important constraints on the spectrum of the putative intermediate mass black hole. Details are published in the paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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