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4th of December 2019
ATNF Colloquium
A potpourri of VLBI(-related) news from JIVE
Leonid Gurvits (Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE))
Abstract: JIVE, the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is a central institute of the European VLBI Network (EVN). Our mission is to support the EVN as a facility operating under the "Open Sky" policy and, importantly, EVN users. I will present a subjectively random collection of recent results and “reports in progress” on several topics ranging from near-filed VLBI tracking experiments with planetary missions to RadioAstron results as well as studies of AGN that supplement EHT black hole shadow “photography”. I will also briefly describe the recently initiated concept of the TeraHertz Exploration and Zooming-in for Astrophysics (THEZA).

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