mslist (Measurement summary and data inspection utility)

The mslist utility is a simple, command-line driven measurement set inspection tool. It uses casacore tasks MSSummary and MSLister.

See documentation on casacore tasks for more information.

Running the program

It can be run with the following command

$ mslist [options] MS_filename

The mslist program is not parallel/distributed, it runs in a single process.

Casacore tasks MSSummary and MSLister write to stderr, so to redirect output to a pipe or a file, first redirect stderr to stdout. For example, in bash:

$ mslist [options] MS_filename > MS_summary.txt 2>&1

Configuration Parameters

mslist does not accept a configuration parameter file, but does accept a number of command-line options.

Parameter Description
--brief Brief listing (default, with verbose). Calls MSSummary function listMain.
--full More extensive listing; where, what and how.
--what What what observed? (fields, times, etc.) See MSSummary function listWhat.
--how How was it observed? (antennas, frequencies, etc.) See MSSummary function listHow.
--tables List tables in the measurement set. See MSSummary function listTables.
--data Display correlation data. See MSLister documentation.
--verbose Verbose output.

Additional parameters used with the --data option (MSLister parameters)

See MSLister documentation.

Note: There appears to be an error with --uvrange.

Parameter Default Example Description
--datacolumn=str data corrected Choose the data column to display.
--field=str     Restrict fields.
--spw=str All ‘0:5~10’ Restrict spectral windows.
--antenna=str All ‘3&&4;1’ Restrict antennas.
--timerange=str All ‘<2014/09/14/10:48:50.0’ Restrict the time range.
--correlation=str All XX Restrict polarisations.
--scan=str All 8 Restrict scans.
--uvrange=str All ‘0.1~1klambda’ Restrict uv range. Seems to compare against u only. Use with care!
--pagerows=int 50   Set the number of lines to print per page.
--listfile=str stdout   Set an output file.


Example 1:

$ mslist --verbose --full 1641/

Example 2:

$ mslist --data --antenna='3&&4' --spw='0:5~10' --correlation='XX,YY' 1641/