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Basic Information on rpgen

Task: rpgen
Purpose: Generate an RPFITS file based on the input parameters
Categories: data transfer

        RPGEN is a MIRIAD task which generates a file in RPFITS
        format. An RPFITS file consists of a number of scans, each with
        a complete header that describes the data following. RPGEN
        currently supports writing multiple scans, but all scans will have
        the same frequency setup. You can concatenate rpfits files to
        generate more complex observations.

Key: out
        Name of the output RPFITS file. No default.

Key: source
        List of source names, default='scp'

Key: radec
        List of phase centers corresponding to each source. Each center is
        specified as a pair of numbers (ra and dec), specified in
        hh:mm:ss,dd:mm:ss format, or as decimal hours and decimal
        degrees. The default is 0,-90.

Key: scan
        List of scan integration times for each source, in minutes.

Key: time
        The start time of the observation, followed by the duration in h.
        This is in the form
        The default is 08JAN01.0,1.0. A function of the start time
        is also used as a seed for the random number generator.
        The sources ares reused, with specified integration time, until
        the start time + duration is reached.

Key: inttime
        The correlator integration time in seconds

Key: spwin
        Number of spectral windows, followed by a triple of
        number of channels, frequency in GHz, bandwidth in GHz
        for each spectral window

Key: stokes
        List of stokes parameters, default is xx,xy,yx,yy

Key: options
        cabb - interpret spwin to match CABB output (combine overlaps)
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