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Basic Information on uvlist

Task: uvlist
Purpose: Print data, variables and other information from uv dataset
Categories: uv analysis

        UVLIST produces various listing of a MIRIAD UV data file.

Key: vis
        The input UV dataset name. No default.

Key: options
        This controls what is listed, and the verbosity. Several can be
        given, separated by commas. Minimum match is used. Possible values
          brief     Short listing (default).
          full      The opposite of "brief".
          data      List correlation data. For brief listings, a maximum
                    of 6 channels is printed.
          variables List uv variables.
          sigma     List the value and rms of the first data channel.
          spectral  List spectral and velocity information.
          array     List antenna and array information.
          source    List information about the source.
        If no listing options are given, uvlist uses options=brief,data.
        The following options determine the application of calibration
        corrections to the data, for the data list options. The default
        is to apply calibration corrections when they are available.
          nocal     Do not apply antenna gain corrections.
          nopol     Do not correct for polarisation leakage.
          nopass    Do not apply bandpass corrections.

Key: select
        This selects the data to be processed, using the standard uvselect
        format. Default is all data.

Key: stokes
        Normal stokes keyword. The default is to list the unconverted
        polarisations. NOTE: When you set this parameter, the "Visibility
        Number" printed in some listing may no longer be entirely accurate,
        as there is not a correspondence a visibility listed and a visibility
        in the data-set.

Key: line
        For options=data, this gives the normal uv linetype, with the normal
        defaults. See the help on line for more information.

Key: recnum
        The number of output records. This is used to cut off long outputs.
        The default is either 1 or 20, depending on the options.

Key: log
        The list output file name. The default is the terminal.

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