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Basic Information on uvrms

Task: uvrms
Purpose: Measure the RMS value of a visibility dataset.
Categories: uv analysis

        UVRMS determines the RMS value of a Miriad visibility data.

Key: vis
        The names of the input uv data sets. No default.

Key: stokes
        The Stokes/polarisation visibilities to select. The default is to
        not perform any polarisation conversion, but to apply polarisation
        calibration (see below).

Key: select
        The normal uv selection commands. The default is to select everything.

Key: line
        The normal uv linetype in the form:
        The default is all channels.

Key: options
        Extra processing options.
           nocal       Do not apply the gains table.
           nopass      Do not apply bandpass corrections. It is unwise
                       to turn off bandpass correction, as the continuum
                       estimation process will be confused by a bandpass
                       which is not flat.
           nopol       Do not apply polarization corrections.

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