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Multibeam Survey Working Group

Feb 12, 1999


The general aims of the Multibeam Survey Working Group is to:


The current membership of the Multibeam Survey Working Group (MSWG) is listed in Appendix A. Meetings are approximately every three months, and are normally chaired on a rotating basis. New members are welcome, and are expected to contribute to the overall scientific development of the multibeam project (see below). Members of the MSWG are involved in several separate projects. The two main projects, which require large amounts of telescope time and which have already underway are the HIPASS and the ZOA surveys. The Principal Investigators (PIs) for these two projects are Rachel Webster and Lister Staveley-Smith, respectively. Mike Disney is the PI for the `Deep-Field' project. Other roles are: Ian Stewart (Operations manager) and Lister Staveley-Smith (Project Coordinator/Scientist).

Data Availability

The MSWG recognises the value of freely distributing processed data, recognises the resources required to achieve this, and recognises the danger of releasing data which, in the early stages, may contain artefacts which are not fully understood.

Data will therefore not be released until twelve months after completion of the observations of a particular field. Data will be released in the form of calibrated data cubes on a `no-support' basis (i.e. self-documented). Raw spectra available only by arrangement. The release of sources lists will be at the discretion of the MSWG, but will not normally precede publication.

The form of the data release is to be decided, but will probably be on the Web, and may take the form of a Skyview-type facility.

Multibeam Graduate Students

We encourage the participation of graduate students in the scientific work of the project. A Multibeam Graduate Student (MGS) will be expected to contribute to the overall development of the project and will concentrate on one particular scientific aspect. An MGS must be brought into the project by a current member of the MSWG who has authority to support his or her scientific work (as a supervisor or co-supervisor). The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for initially approving the scope of the work of the MGS and is to liase with the student and supervisor to ensure that minimum conflict of interests occurs. Any problems to be arbitrated by the ATNF Director.

Use of Publically Accessible Data

Use of this data by non team members is encouraged. Users are requested to conform with the ATNF policy to include the words ``Parkes telescope'' or ``ATNF'' in the abstract of the paper, for bibliographic purposes. Users are also requested to reference the multibeam instrument or survey with one or more of the appropriate references:



Publication Policy

The following policy applies separately to members of the HIPASS team and the ZOA team.

Data and analysis papers written by HIPASS/ZOA1 team members before January 1, 2001 will normally list as co-authors all those HIPASS/ZOA members who have actively participated at some stage in the system design, preparation, observations, analysis or interpretation of the survey data. There is no need to list all MSWG members, just HIPASS/ZOA members.

Observers who make interesting discoveries at the telescope should notify the PI to discuss follow-up observations, publication and authorship lists. The general policy in such cases will be identical to the policy for data and analysis papers; observers will not have proprietry rights over data taken during their allocated observing time.

The PI and main author are to be responsible for determining authorship order, which will normally start with the main author.

HIPASS/ZOA team members may request to have there names removed from a paper.

Short papers containing non-mainstream results (e.g. publication of an image of an individual galaxy) do not necessarily have to include the entire HIPASS/ZOA team as coauthors. In this case, consult with the PI and then e-mail the HIPASS/ZOA team asking who wants to be on the paper.

Current Membership

The current membership (12 February 1999) of the MSWG is: Gareth Banks (Cardiff), David Barnes (ATNF), Erwin de Blok (Melbourne), Ragbir Bhathal (UWS), Peter Boyce (Cardiff), Mike Disney (Cardiff), Michael Drinkwater (UNSW), Ron Ekers (ATNF), Ken Freeman (ANU), Brad Gibson (MSSSO), Anne Green (Sydney), Ray Haynes (ATNF), Trish Henning (New Mexico), Helmut Jerjen (MSSSO), Sebastian Juraszek (Sydney), Mike Kesteven (ATNF), Virginia Kilborn (Melbourne), Patricia Knezek (JHU), Bärbel Koribalski (ATNF), Reneé Kraan-Korteweg (University of Guanajuato), Peter te Lintel (Sun), David Malin (AAO), Malte Marquarding (Melbourne), Robert Minchin (Cardiff), Jeremy Mould (ANU), Tom Oosterloo (IFCTR), Marc Price (ATNF,UNM), Mary Putman (MSSSO), Stuart Ryder (JAC), Elaine Sadler (Sydney), Anja Schröder (Nice), Lister Staveley-Smith (ATNF), Ian Stewart (ATNF), Frank Stootman (UWS), Rachel Webster (Melbourne), and Alan Wright (ATNF).


Current team membership (12 Feb 1999, but may need updating) follows.


Delete as appropriate.

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