Selavy and the ASKAP Source-finding Service

Current status of the source finding service:   HALTED  


NB: The version number of the Source finding service, plus the revision number (rXXXXX) that appears in the logs, are shown for each update. This will help you identify which version of the of the service a given job was done with.

A major part of the ASKAP software development is to produce an effective source-finding tool to automatically process the images and cubes that come out of the pipeline imager. The prototype pipeline under development by the ASKAP computing team includes Selavy, a source finder built on the Duchamp package (available here as a stand-alone program). This pipeline version includes several features not available in the stand-alone version, and so, to enable testing of these features by the Survey Science Teams, we are providing a facility to test this. It is a queue-based process, where the user submits a job in the form of a parameter set, and then retrieves the results once complete.

Should you wish to make use of this facility, please:

  1. Join a Survey Science Team - we are only making this available for the SSTs for testing purposes related to the ASKAP Design Studies. To find out about the Survey Science Projects, go here.
  2. Contact your Source Finding Working Group coordinator for details. Or contact me if it is not obvious who this is.
  3. Go to the Science and User Policy redmine site, then to the WG2 page to find documentation on the source-finding service.
  4. Get the script that is used for submissions from your SST redmine site.

The following table shows the status of jobs that have been submitted to the queue. They are identified by their Job ID (the identifier returned when you submit the job), the time the job was placed in the queue, and the current status.

Please report any bugs or problems via the Redmine ticket system.

JobID Submission time Status
9e4068b1-6fbb-4049-9e86-30afb50ace81 2013-08-30 15:03:01 Completed
74b7ab22-fb0c-4164-9759-e7dec11c953b 2013-08-30 15:02:01 Completed - Failed
05df7242-b608-4dfd-ba4b-8174106f5a1a 2013-08-30 14:35:01 Completed - Failed
7f177159-dd04-4b6d-8a51-802a759c9b28 2013-08-30 13:42:01 Completed
bf0f101c-63ef-44c0-a0d2-fda1e117297a 2013-08-30 12:44:01 Completed

Last update: 2013-09-14 08:13:02 PM