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Work-related Links

Astronomical Institutions

UNSWU.MelbRSAA (ANU)U.AdelaideSwinburneU.SydneyASA


AAOMSSSOATNFGeminiAust. Gemini OfficeSubaruCTIOESOSpitzerSKAMore observatory links

Astro Meetings

ASAAstronomy meetings worldwide.

Old meetings that have useful webpages of talks:
2007 Aus-VO Summer SchoolDeep Surveys with SKA PathfindersSKA pathfinders & Science with MIRAAAO Observational Techniques workshop, April 20012001 ATNF Synthesis Imaging Workshop2006 ATNF Synthesis Imaging School (updated version of the previous link) • NASA X-ray Astronomy Schol, from 2003 and 20052005 Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers, at Penn State.

References (Journals, Preprints, Newsletters etc.)

A longer list of journals • ADSastro-ph ArXiV preprintsNED's Level 5 (glossary and articles) • ApJMNRAS onlineMNRASMNRAS lettersAJA&ANaturePASAActive Galaxies NewsletterBlazar TimesHandbook of Space Astronomy and AstrophysicsWolfram World of Science

Databases and Archives

NEDNED search-by-nameSIMBADAstronomer's BazaarAladinCATSMASTSkyview Virtual ObservatorySDSS DR6SuperCOSMOS Sky SurveysInteractive NGC Catalog

Useful Stuff for Observing

SSO Satellite WeatherAPT All Sky CameraSSO CONCAM All Sky CameraHeavens-AboveAGN Finding Charts (Heidelberg)PEGA Finding ChartsPerugia Blazar ListSunrise & Sunset computingSky View Cafe

Pretty Pictures

APoDHubbleSiteHubble newsHubble HeritageESO Press ReleasesSubaru picture galleryHawaiian StarlightChandraMulti-Wavelength Milky WaySkyView Virtual Observatory

Astro Miscellania

Australian AstronomyAstroWebSpaceFlightNowScience@NASABad AstronomyBasics of Space Flight

Other Science stuff

Atomic Line ListFundamental Physical ConstantsAstroStatistics FAQMathworldPhysletsEncyclopedia of Life

Computing-related stuff

PGPLOT: (subroutines, FAQ, graph markers, & colour indices.) • CFITSIOWCSLIBiraf.netIRAF @ ANUIRAF @ NOAOCosmology CalculatorAstrophysical CalculatorNumerical Recipes (C and FORTRAN 77) • LaTeX resourcesLaTeX guidesearch CTANXHTML 1.0HTML 4.01symbols in HTMLHTML coloursSubversionTrac

Virtual Observatory


Wordy stuff

Macquarie DictionaryMerriam-WebsterOEDRoget's ThesaurusAstronomy Thesaurus

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