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The galaxy M31 (NGC 224)

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DSS image (56 arcmin x 56 arcmin)

VLA Results

M31 (Andromeda) is a member of the Local Group.
Type = SA(s)b, LINER; optical diameter = 190' x 60', D = xxx pc.

Link to NED
Link to NED Images
2MASS JHK-color composite (78' x 78')
GALEX image of M31
GALEX image of M31 (NED webpage)
Galactic Building Blocks Seen Swarming Around Andromeda (NRAO webpage)
The HVC population of the Andromeda Galaxy (Tobias Westmeier's webpage)
Cold Gas in the Andromeda Galaxy (MPIfR Bonn webpage)
Robert Braun's talk (Tuscany, Italy, July 2007)

Original: B. Koribalski (27-Sep-2007)
Modified: B. Koribalski (27-Sep-2007)

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