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The galaxy M33 (NGC 598)

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DSS image (60 arcmin x 60 arcmin)

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M33, also known as the Triangulum Galaxy, is part of the Local Group which includes M31 (Andromeda) and our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Type = SA(s)cd, HII; optical diameter = 70.8' x 41.7', D = 730 pc.

Link to NED
Link to NED Images
2MASS JHK-color composite (43.3' x 43.3')
GALEX image of M33 (NED webpage)
M33: Spitzer IR multi-color image (3.6, 4.5, 8 and 24 micron)
M33: GALEX UV & GALEX+Spitzer IR
M33: GALEX 2-color image
M33 in radio and optical (NRAO webpage)
M33 in radio and optical (NOAO webpage)
M33 with XMM-Newton EPIC Color (ESA webpage)
Proper Motions in the Local Group (Andreas Brunthaler's webpage)
Robert Braun's talk (Tuscany, Italy, July 2007)
... more on M33

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