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The galaxy NGC 55

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NGC55 (HIPASS J0015-39) is a Magellanic irregular galaxy and one of the closest members of the Sculptor Group.
Type = SB(s)m: sp, optical diameter = 32.4' x 5.6', DTF = 1.8 Mpc. It is highly inclined (i = 81 degr).
See also studies by Hummel, Dettmar & Wielebinski 1986 (A&A 166, 97); also Davidge 2005 (astro-ph/0501173), Otte & Dettmar 1999 (A&A 343, 705), etc.

Link to NED
Link to NED Images (incl. VLA HI data)
Dave Malin's deep image of NGC 55
2MASS JHK-color composite (26' x 26')
2MASS Extended Source Images (JHKs)
ESO Press Release on NGC55 and NGC7793

Original: B. Koribalski (17-Jan-2005)
Modified: B. Koribalski (10-Sep-2010)

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