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The NGC1511 galaxy group

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DSS image (20 arcmin x 20 arcmin)

ATCA Results

The NGC1511 triplett (HIPASS J0359-67) contains the peculiar spiral galaxy NGC1511 and its two small companions, NGC1511A and NGC1511B. We've adopted a group distance of 17.5 Mpc.

NGC1511: Type = SAa pec:, HII, optical diameter = 3.5' x 1.2'
NGC1511A: Type = SB0^0, optical diameter = 1.7' x 0.4'
NGC1511B: Type = SBd? sp, HII, optical diameter = 2.3' x 0.3'.

See also:
``Neutral Hydrogen Gas in Interacting Galaxies: The NGC 1511 galaxy group''
by Koribalski & Manthey (2005), MNRAS 358, 202; astro-ph/0501190, or download the pdf-file)

Dave Malin's deep optical image of the NGC1511 group
Link to NED for NGC1511, NGC1511A, and NGC1511B
Link to NED Images for NGC1511
2MASS JHK-color composite for NGC1511 (5' x 5')
2MASS Extended Source Images (JHKs) for NGC1511

Original: B. Koribalski (17-Mar-2005)
Modified: B. Koribalski (17-Mar-2005)

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