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ATNF Pulsar Catalogue Tutorial: Introduction



1: The simplest query

2: Using the standard parameter set

3: Defining your own display parameters

4: Sorting

5: Conditional logic statements

6: Filtering on pulsar names

7: Finding pulsars within a circular region

8: Formatting the output

9: Obtaining the plotted output

10: Playing with the applet

Last Update: 24th August 2023

This tutorial is a step by step introduction to using the ATNF Pulsar Catalogue. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a complete coverage of every feature provided by the web interface without delving deeply into a discussion of what all the possible input values are for each input field.
A thorough coverage of the latter case can be found at the Documentation link at the top and bottom of the main page. Alternatively, from the main page, you can click on the links to the left hand side of the page which will link to the relevant section of the same Documentation page.
This tutorial is intended for those of you who are first time users or are still unfamiliar with some of the features.
We would also encourage you to send us as much feedback as possible. This means any positive comments, negative comments as well as any suggestions on additional features that you feel would be useful for the web-interface. You have the option of remaining anonymous if you wish if you're worried that we are going to hunt you down for making any negative comments. We assure you that the messages will be read and acted upon as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that the screen shots provided are accurate on the proviso that the entire tutorial is followed in the correct order from start to finish. If you wish to just start off from a particular stage of the tutorial, we warn you that the screen shots provided in this tutorial may not match up with the results that you have generated on your own browser.

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