RAFCAP (Radio Astronomy Frequency Committee in the Asia-Pacific region)

RAFCAP acts as the scientific expert committee on frequency issues for the Asia-Pacific radio astronomy and related sciences. The mission of RAFCAP is:

RAFCAP was setup during the AP-RASC meeting, held from 31 July to 4 August, 2001, in Tokyo.

The need for such a committee in the Asia-Pacific has been described in a paper by Dr. M. Ohishi (MS-Word format or Hypertext format).

A charter for RAFCAP was proposed and accepted by the Committee, and governs the operations of this Committee.

The membership of RAFCAP comes from Radio Astronomy and related organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

A summary of RAFCAP's mission and contacts were provided in 2004 in a "RAFCAP Flyer (2004)" document (MS-Word format).

A list of operating Radio Telescopes in the Asia Pacific region (May 2005) is given in Table 1.

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2012: 8th RAFCAP Meeting at the IAU GA in Beijing August 2012.

2011: Informal short RAFCAP meeting & dinner at APT meeting in Pusan August 2011.

2010: 7th RAFCAP Meeting at NAOJ, Mitaka, Japan - 6 June 2010
(Part of the 2010 IUCAF Summer School on Spectrum Managament for Radio Astronomy (31 May - 5 June 2010))

2008: 6th RAFCAP Meeting at GMRT, Pune, India, February 14-16.

2006: 5th RAFCAP Meeting in Beijing, China, July 13-16.

2005: 4th RAFCAP Meeting in Australia, July 25-29.

2004: 3rd RAFCAP Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 19-20.

2003: 2nd RAFCAP meeting during the APT meeting in Tokyo, Japan, February 2003.

2002: 1st RAFCAP meeting during the APT meeting in Pusan, Korea, August 2002.

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