The Labyrinth of the Unexpected:
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Bus & Taxi sharing arrangements: Athens-Tripolis

* The LOC has organised a chartered bus that will pick-up passengeres from the airport, with the costs covered by the workshop. The bus will depart at about 3pm, once all expected passengers have arrived. The bus will not be delayed beyond 4pm, as we have a reception starting at 6:30pm.

* The gathering point for the bus is the official "Meeting Point" at the centre of the airport terminal. Please wait at the cafe bar or near there. We will try to have some early arrivals carry a sign for the conference to facilitate gathering.

* If you have not notified us and still want to get this bus, please let us know flight and time asap.

* Those of you who are coming from Athens to the airport, please ensure you get there well ahead of time.

The alternative is by shared taxis, at a cost per taxi of about E200-250. ( N.B. The taxis will be waiting at the airport with lists of names and signs for "Labyrinth2017" or something similar. The local Athens taxis are considerably more expensive.)
Let us know asap if you want the LOC to organise such taxis. NONE have been requested as yet.


There is no regular public transport service between Tripolis and the village. During the workshop there will be chartered buses which will transport the participants in the morning and evening. The cost is included in the registration fees.

Driving takes about 15-20 minutes. A taxi fare is about E20.

Athens airport - Tripolis

Most people will fly into Athens airport and will need to make their way to the hotels in Tripolis. However, from Italy one can make the overnight ferry from Brindisi to Patras with their own car and then drive around.

Athens airport has a comprehensive website with extensive information.

There are many ways to get to Tripolis from Athens airport but there are 3 distinct stages:

1. Airport-Athens: Main transport is by metro, buses or taxis. Some instructions are given on Transport at Athens airport.
Best service is the X93 bus directly from the airport to the Kifisos bus station, approximately every half hour. (See also details in gogreece in
2. Around Athens: Mainly to get to bus or train stations, so you can continue on to Tripolis. There is a detailed web site ( for metro and bus transport in Athens, which also gives details of transportation to the airport. Fastest way maybe is to resort to taxis (but beware of Athens taxi-drivers!)
3. Athens-Tripolis: There are only buses to Tripolis at present, approximately every hour. See some basic bus timetables but note that these may be a little out of date.

Some options with approximate time and price estimates are given below.

A. Buses only

Metro/Bus airport - center of Athens -- E3-6 24-hour service
center - country bus station -- E1-2 local metro/bus services
X93 bus direct airport-Kifisos bus station center -- E5 Special airport bus
Bus Athens- Tripolis -- E15 every hour in daytime (takes 2hrs)
Local taxi in Tripolis -- ~E5 
Totals: -- ~E25 and ~4 hours

B. Taxi-bus

Taxi airport - bus station -- ~E35-50 (but could be shared)
Bus Athens - Tripolis -- E15 
Local taxi -- ~E5 
Totals: -- ~E55-70 and ~3 hours

C. Taxi airport - Tripolis

Pre-arranged taxi -- E200-250 (and can be shared by 4)
Athens taxi -- >> E200? a guess
Less than 2 hours

Summary: The transport Athens airport - Tripolis will cost in the range E25-250 and can take up to 4 hours. If we coordinate and share, it can cost as little as E50 by private taxi and take less than 2 hours. If there are a lot of people arriving over a short period, the LOC will also investigate chartered buses, at no extra cost to the participants.

Hire cars

All the major hire-car companies operate at Athens airport and can be found on the web. Rental start at around E40 /day + petrol (which is expensive). It may be possible to get good deals when booking as part of travel. Some information from the Athens airport website. The road to Tripolis is tollways all the way (cost ~E10) and takes less than 2 hours.

Driving directions to Kerastari

From the airport, follow the freeway signs to Elefsina, then Korinthos, then Tripolis. It is freeway all the way and very simple to follow. But expect many tolls.
Detailed mileage on the freeway:
Airport --> Elefsina (52km) --> Korinth (105km) --> Tripoli (185km) --> Athinaio exit #12 (205km) --> Kerastari 212 (km)
Note 1: The freeway bypasses all the major towns and mileage is given for the freeway exit points.
Note 2: The turn-off to Kerastari is exit #12 posted to Athinaeo/Palaiohouni. 500m from the exit you turn left on the round-about and follow the road for about 4km. The turn to Kerastari is on the right but the signs are partly obscured. (If you get to Palaiohouni you have gone too far and need to turn back.) From the turn-off to the village is ~3km. The workshop venue is the 2nd building on the right. Hard to miss.

Tripolis - Athens airport

Returning to the airport after the workshop one can (almost) follow the instructions above in reverse order. However, it will be much easier to coordinate transport for the return trips and I anticipate we will make greater use of taxis. The LOC will help participants with arrangements at the time.



For more information email to: Tasso Tzioumis