Workshop Programme

Please find below the final programme of the workshop. Each regular talk will be 20 minutes long plus another 10 minutes for questions and discussion at the end. On Friday there will be a pizza lunch combined with an informal discussion session kindly facilitated by John Dickey and Felix J. Lockman.

Thursday, December 3

Time Title Speaker
9:00 Welcome
9:10 Survey Introduction: GASS, GALFA, WHAM
9:40 Structure in the Ionized ISM on AU Scales and Below Jean-Pierre Macquart
10:10 MASIV, VAST and the Ionised ISM Hayley Bignall
10:40 Coffee
11:10 The Thermally Unstable Warm Neutral Medium: Key for Modeling the ISM Miller Goss
11:40 The Turbulent Interstellar Medium: Confluence of Observations and Numerical Simulations Snežana Stanimirović
12:10 How Small-scale Structure Affects the Measured N(HI) Bart Wakker
12:40 Lunch
13:30 The AAO/UKST and IPHAS Hα Surveys Quentin Parker
14:00 Magnetic Fields in Nearby HII Regions Greg Madsen
14:30 Magnetic Fields in the Thick Disk of the Milky Way Sui Ann Mao
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Highly Ionized Plasma in High-Velocity Clouds Andrew Fox
16:00 Limits on the Hot Diffuse Galactic Halo Joel Bregman

Friday, December 4

Time Title Speaker
9:00 Progress in HI Studies of the Milky Way Disk John Dickey
9:30 The Galactic Distribution of HI Clouds at the Disk-Halo Interface Naomi McClure-Griffiths
10:00 The Teeming Multitude of Galactic HI Clouds Felix J. Lockman
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Disk-Halo Interface Mary Putman
11:30 The Extended Filaments of the Magellanic Stream Tobias Westmeier
12:00 A New HI View of the Southern Magellanic Stream Deanna Matthews
12:30 Future Surveys with ASKAP
12:40 Summary
13:00 Pizza Lunch and Discussion (facilitated by Dickey & Lockman)