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The 21-cm multibeam system on the Parkes 64-m telescope is a fantastic instrument to carry out large-scale HI surveys of the sky. The 13 beams of the multibeam receiver and the 64 MHz bandwidth (divided into 1024 channels) of the dedicated correlator provide both high speed and good velocity coverage to survey the Local Universe. (We note that the correlator is currently being upgraded to 192 MHz.) The Parkes multibeam system was used for numerous large-scale HI surveys from which the respective science teams extracted galaxy catalogs, some of which are made available here.

(A) the `HI Parkes All Sky Survey' (HIPASS) - version 1 (Barnes et al. 2001)

(B) The Parkes HI Survey of the Zone of Avoidance - version 1

(C) the `HI Parkes All Sky Survey' (HIPASS) - version 2 (in prep.)

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