P 050

Current Status

(last updated: 26/07/2010 by Ankur Chaudhary)

P050: Parkes Southern Pulsar Survey Team Leader: Dick Manchester (ATNF)

A survey for pulsars in our Galaxy, with observations taken at wavelength of 70 cm between 1991 and 1994. The survey covered the entire southern sky (the survey's most southerly declination was -89.7 degrees). The papers (MNRAS, 279, 1235-1250, 1996;MNRAS, 295, 743-755, 1998) state detection of 298 pulsars, of which 101 were new detections.

  • From reading the literature, we find the actual survey had 44299 observations each 152s each of which 43842 were considered "good" (the rest having too much interference)
  • We have 41122 actual survey observations giving 93% of the total survey (i.e. 3177 observations have been lost)
  • We have 1628 re-pointings of 293 different pulsars

The survey files have been copied into /pulsar/archive19/ANDS/P050/. Currently, testing is being carried out to check the validity of PSRFITS with different processing methods. More details will be added.