Pt Load

Loading PT tapes on the Archive

Log into as pulsar

> cd /pulsar/psr/raid

Check the number of files on the tape:

>tape_list <tape name> e.g. PT0270

If this produces an empty list, see RNM or GH.

Load the tape into the DELL DLT drive /dev/nst2.

Run executable:

> f-tapes

Enter: initial (for example RNM) press 1 (in response to the next question) enter Y (for yes) next type the tape name (eg. PT0270)

After the tape is read:

> mt -f /dev/nst2 offl

If there is a problem you should go to the archive08 and remove the corrupted or unfinished file PT0270.tape.load by:

> cd /pulsar/archive08/PT_TAPES Note: Archive changed as archive07 is full

> rm -r PT0270.tape.load

Try using a cleaning tape in the drive, then start f-tapes again.

If everything worked and all the files are copied, go to:

> cd /pulsar/archive08/PT_TAPES

> mv PT0270.tape.load PT0270

> cd PT0270

> rm (files with 0 bytes)

Note: the destination directory is defined in the file /psr/raid/environment in:

set tapes = /pulsar/archive08/PT_TAPES

After tape is loaded you need to create a link from /pulsar/archive20 by the following steps:

> cd /pulsar/archive20/PT_TAPES (or cd $PTTAPES) Note: The main PT_TAPES archive has changed from archive00

> ln -s /pulsar/archive08/PT_TAPES/PT0270


> ll -rt

to check the link is working.

To check that all files are on the tape run:

> more /pulsar/archive08/PT_TAPES/PT0270.list or

>tape_list PT0270

Note that there are normally one or two spurious zero-length or bad files beyond the end of good data.