Tape Backup

Backup of Pulsar Group Archives

Created by Lucyna Chudczer; maintained by Ankur Chaudhary

Most of the research data which belong to the pulsar group is stored on the array of RAID disks with a size between 0.5 to 4 Terabytes. The backup of the RAID disks is done on the Quantum DLT S4 tapes, which can hold up to 780Gb (note, this is less than advertised 800Gb). It takes about 48 hours to write 780 Gb on the tape.

We aim to backup the archive every 3 months for frequently used directories, and every 6 months for the entire archive. The last backup started in October 2009 and was completed in January 2010.

The following pages describe the structure of pulsar archive and the archiving procedure:
1: The structure of the archive
2: The method of data backup
3: Index of the stored information
4: How to find your data on the tape?
5: Storage of DLT tapes