Clear Parkes

Cleaning the DFB3 and DBF4 data disks at Parkes

When the DFB disks start to fill up an automated email is sent to various staff members (including George, Dick and John Sarkissian).

The backup procedure currently includes:

  • the data being automatically transferred to Epping
  • John Sarkissian backing up the data at Parkes

when these steps have been complete it is possible to remove data from the DFB disks at Parkes as follows:

  • > ssh -X archivist@herschel
  • > emacs checkDelete

choose the correct disk at the top of the script that you wish to remove files from (e.g., /nfs/PKCCC3_1, /nfs/PKCCC4_1 or /nfs/PKCCC4_3). Save the file.

  • > ./checkDelete

The script takes a while to run and then produces a file called "canDelete". This is a list of filenames that are on the disk at Parkes, have been copied to Epping and also backed-up at Parkes. This file should be copied to one of the following directories at Parkes: /data1/PDFB4_1, /data1/PDFB3_1.


  • > scp canDelete corr@pkccc4:/data1/PDFB4_1/

Now log on to that machine, e.g.,:

  • > ssh -X corr@pkccc4
  • > cd /data1/PDFB4_1

If everything looks okay then go ahead and delete:

  • > \rm `cat canDelete`

Repeat for the other disks at Parkes