Install PSRCAT

Compiling and installing psrcat

The source code for PSRCAT is generally updated by G. Hobbs. The data base files are updated by R. Manchester. The web code is updated by L. Toomey.

Compiling and installing the source code

  • ssh -X psrmgr@jansky (when you log on some text comes up that describes the various machines that you need to log on to -- currently jansky, serpens, brage and hercules, but this will change in the future).
  • cd /pulsar/psr/dist/src/psrcat/src
  • cvs update
  • make clean
  • make
  • make install

Then you should do the "make clean, make and make install" on the other machines. Finally, you should update the web code:

  • ssh -X pulsar@hercules
  • cd /var/www/vhosts/www.atnf.csiro.au/psrcat/
  • cp /pulsar/psr/dist/i686_lenny/bin/psrcat .

Update at Parkes:

  • ssh -X psrmgr@pictor
  • cd /nfs/online/pulsar/src/psrcat/soft_atnf/psrcat/src
  • cvs update
  • setenv PREFIX /nfs/online/pulsar/bin/
  • make clean
  • make install
  • cp psrcat /nfs/online/pulsar/bin/