New PPT Apulsar

Adding a new pulsar into the PPTA

Step 1: update the dashboard

(Currently you must log on as hob044 to do this)

  • cd ~/webpage/ppta_log2
  • edit psrlist -- add in the pulsar's name, priority, rise and set times, observation times etc.

Check that they are now appearing on the table in the dashboard.

Step 2: update psrcat

  • ensure that a good ephemeris is obtained when you type in psrcat -all -e <psrname> at Parkes

Step 3: update the schedules

(The schedule directory will probably will change soon.)

  • log on to pisces as pulsar
  • cd /psr1/tcs/sched/P456
  • modify P456_MB_DFB3.sch with updates
  • modify P456_MB_DFB4A.sch with updates
  • modify P456_10cm_DFB4A.sch with updates
  • modify P456_50cm_DFB3.sch with updates

Step 4: update CASPSR and APSR

(Must give instructions here on how to do this)

Step 5: update the pipeline processing

  • brahe% cd $PPTA
  • brahe% mkdir <psrname>

(note that the pipeline will then run, but will crash on the ToA generation stage until templates are made. However, you need to process some data before you can make the templates!)

  • the templates should be copied into $PPTA/templates