These are the instructions for building the distribution version of tempo2 at Eppling.

Need to build it for all supported operating systems at Epping.

These steps need to be repeated for each of jansky, serpens, brage.

Log in as psrmgr.

cd /pulsar/psr/dist/src/tempo2



./configure --prefix=$PSR_DIST --disable-local --with-calceph-dir=$PSR_DIST/lib/

make -j4

make -j4 plugins

make install

make plugins-install

Go to the unsupported plugins directory and run the build scripts in e.g. glast, toasim, and ppta The go into the directory /pulsar/psr/dist/src/tempo2/unsupported_plugins/built_plugins and cp -f *t2 /pulsar/psr/dist/sharte/tempo2/plugins