PSRFITS Version History

This page provides a history of the versions of PSRFITS in reverse chronological order with a brief description of the major changes from the previous version.

VersionDateAuthorSummary of main changes
5.42014/05/12R ManchesterAdded OBSDESCR table, NSTOT in SUBINT table and LEVSEPN in DIG_CNTS table
5.32013/11/29W van StratenAdded SPECKURT table to record statistics of Spectral Kurtosis RFI excision. Increased dimensions of PROC_CMD and CAL_FILE strings in HISTORY table.
5.22013/11/15R ManchesterNSUB, NCHAN in HISTORY table changed to long integers. Bandwidths and frequencies in COHDDISP, FEEDPAR and SUBINT tables changed to doubles. Some comment lines improved
5.12013/04/29R ManchesterIn SUBINT table, byte array used for 1-bit search-mode data as well as 2 to 8-bit data
5.02012/04/03R ManchesterData scale factor definition given in SUBINT table
4.102011/12/21P DemorestParameters in COHDDISP table changed from integer to long integer
4.92010/11/08R ManchesterIn main header, changed EQUINOX from string to float
4.82010/11/06P DemorestIn main header, added CAL_NPHS, the number of states in a pulsed calibration signal
4.72010/09/22W van StratenAdded parameters for auxiliary RM and DM in HISTORY table
4.62010/09/14W van StratenFixed comment on COORD_MD
4.52010/09/03P DemorestAdded SIGNINT to SUBINT table
4.42010/09/02W van StratenMajor modifications to COHDDISP table
4.32010/05/20R ManchesterAdded IBEAM (beam ID) and PNT_ID (ID for pointing centre) for multibeam systems
4.22010/01/13R ManchesterMoved Bandpass table to end of template to avoid CFITSIO problems
4.12009/08/13W van StratenNFREE in FEEDPAR table changed to long integer
4.02009/03/15W van StratenAdded CHAN_DM to main header, changed PSREPHEM table to plain text file (removing history facility), added DM and RM to SUBINT table header
3.92008/12/19R ManchesterAdded DM and RM to HISTORY table
3.82008/11/28R ManchesterChanged SUBINT DATA array from 4 to 3 dimensions
3.72008/07/30R ManchesterAdded ZERO_OFF to SUBINT table
3.62008/06/12W van StratenAdded CHISQ and NFREE to FEEDPAR table
3.52008/06/06W van StratenAdditional flags in HISTORY table, Corrections to comments in FEEDPAR table
3.42008/02/20W van StratenFixed units of DAT_FREQ in SUBINT table
3.32008/02/17R ManchesterDigitiser counts table moved to end of template to fix CFITSIO problems
3.22008/02/08R ManchesterIn main header changed NCHAN to OBSNCHAN and in SUBINT table, added NBIN_PRD and PHS_OFFS for gated data, changed NCH_FILE to NCHAN, NCH_STRT to NCHOFFS and added CHAN_BW
3.02008/02/07P DemorestDraft development version
2.172008/01/30P DemorestEPOCHS and PERIOD columns in SUBINT table removed
2.162007/11/19R ManchesterAdded BE_DELAY to main header
2.152007/11/18W van StratenPeriod column added to SUBINT table to give folding period if no pulsar ephemeris table
2.142007/11/17W van StratenEPOCHS flag added to SUBINT table to indicate valid start-time data
2.132007/07/30R ManchesterHDRVER added to main header to record template version number; NSUB added to HISTORY table
2.122007/05/05W van StratenAdded COVAR to FEEDPAR table to record covariance matrix
2.112007/05/01W van StratenChanged format of COORD_MD and EQUINOX for greater VO compatibility (some earlier changes lost due to divergent versions)
2.102007/03/07G HobbsTempo2 predictor file stored by row
2.92007/03/25G HobbsDigitiser counts table moved to end of template to fix CFITSIO problems
2.82007/02/15R ManchesterDATE--OBS, RA, DEC etc added to main header for VO compatibility; NBITS added to SUBINT header for search-mode data
2.72007/01/24W van StratenDefault NAXIS2 changed to *
2.62006/11/07W van StratenFixed comment line in BANDPASS table
2.52006/11/07W van StratenDigitiser statistics table moved to end of template
2.42006/09/08W van StratenAdded BE_DCC flag to HISTORY table to indicate correction of down-conversion conjugation
2.32006/08/07R ManchesterChanged NLEV to NPAR in digitiser statistics table
2.22006/03/25W van StratenAdded NRCVR to FLUX_CAL table header
2.12006/03/23R ManchesterAdded WAVE columns to PSREPHEM table, allowed two receiver channels in FLUX_CAL table
1.312006/03/21R ManchesterMoved ATTEN values from main header to DIG_STAT table; generalised table entries to use # on TTYPE etc.; added T2PREDICTOR table for Tempo2 prediction file
1.302006/02/24R ManchesterAdded BE_PHASE flag
1.292006/01/13W van StratenFixed TTYPE for IFR_MTHD in HISTORY table
1.282006/12/17W van StratenAdded IFR_MTHD in HISTORY table
1.272005/04/08W van StratenAdded TNULL for NTOA entry in PSREPHEM table
1.262004/11/27R ManchesterAdded units to comments, other cosmetic changes
1.252004/11/19R ManchesterFix TFIELDS in HISTORY table
1.232004/11/12W van StratenFeed parameters FD_HAND, FD_SANG and FD_XYPH added to main header, replacing YPOL_ANG and CAL_ANG
1.212004/10/09W van StratenNCH_FLUX replaced by NCHAN in FLUX_CAL table
1.202004/08/06W van StratenModified HISTORY table entries
1.192004/06/22W van StratenAdded YPOL_ANG and CAL_ANG to main header
1.182004/02/09A HotanAdded INDEXVAL to SUBINT table
1.172004/02/04R ManchesterGeneralised subintegation time axis to allow binary phase etc.
1.162003/12/29R ManchesterSmall fixes to SUBINT table
1.152003/12/08W van StratenAdded observation epoch in FEEDPAR table
1.142003/11/13R ManchesterCosmetic changes
1.122003/11/05W van StratenAdded CAL_POLN table
1.112003/10/22W van StratenClean up comment lines, add TNULL lines to PSREPHEM table
1.102003/09/24R ManchesterStandardise on NCHAN in tables
1.92003/02/20R ManchesterAdded TCYCLE to main header, small fixes in HISTORY table
1.82003/02/17R ManchesterSome correction flags removed from HISTORY table
1.72003/02/10R ManchesterRemoved POINTPAR table, other minor parameter changes
1.62003/02/07R ManchesterAdded CAL observation mode
1.52003/01/31R ManchesterSmall changes to PSREPHEM table
1.42003/01/21W_van_StratenTypo fix in PSREPHEM table
1.32003/01/19R ManchesterSmall changes for HISTORY and DIG_STAT tables
1.22002/12/12R ManchesterFix TFORM entries
1.12002/12/03R ManchesterOriginal definition of PSRFITS template