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5th of September 2014
Steerable beams create flexible 'footprints'
Credits: CSIRO ATNF - ASKAP Commissioning Team
BETA HI observation of the galaxy group IC 1459, using a nine-beam footprint in the shape of a diamond. The small panels next to the main image show for each galaxy the HI contours overlaid on a multi-wavelength optical image and the HI velocity field. The Boolardy Engineering Test Array (BETA) - the first six ASKAP antennas installed with Mk I phased array feed receivers - is already a functioning telescope, and allowing the commissioning team to gain a deeper understanding of the methods required to maximise the science capability of ASKAP.
The primary benefit of the ASKAP phased array feed (PAF) is a rapid survey speed facilitated by a wide field-of-view, and the ability to form multiple synthetic beams with each receiver.
More information: ASKAP News

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