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2nd of February 2015
Phased Array Feed on ASKAP
The innovative Phased Array Feed (PAF) receiver system, developed for ASKAP, the SKA and radio astronomy, is producing very promising results (eg, a 50 sq degr radio continuum map, and a 9-beam HI map of neighbouring Sculptor Group galaxies). Its chequerboard receiver design (green in the above image) allows us to form 36 beams, which together achieve a field-of-view of 30 sq degr on the sky.
Six 'first generation' PAFs, covering frequecies from 700 to 1800 MHz, are currently installed on ASKAP antennas at the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia, along with associated digital systems, beamformer and hardware correlator. During the commissioning phase we are forming nine beams which can be placed anywhere within the 30 sq degr fied-of-view.

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