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3rd of February 2015
Examining the rich detail of a simulated ASKAP wide-field image
by Matt Whiting (CASS)
In this photo, Matthew Whiting (left) and Maxim Voronkov (right) are examining a simulated ASKAP image on CSIRO's OptiPortal. This allows them to see the entire 5500 x 5500 pixel image at once, at full resolution. Note that a full 36-beam ASKAP image will be four times this size.

The displayed image is the result of a 9-beam full-scale ASKAP simulation, released by the ASKAP computing team in 2011, which was produced to test the imaging and analysis pipelines and provide the Survey Science Teams with data that represents the quality expected from ASKAP. This and other simulations of ASKAP observations can be found here.

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