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3rd of January 2015
2014 Science Highlights
The kinematics and orbital dynamics of the PSR B1259-63 / LS 2883 system from 23 yr of pulsar timing
Shannon, Johnston & Manchester (2014) present an analysis of 23 yr of pulse arrival times for PSR B1259-63 with the 64-m Parkes Telescope. The pulsar is in a binary orbit about its approximately 20 Msun companion LS 2883. Their best-fitting timing solution has none of the pulse-number ambiguities that have plagued previous attempts to model the binary orbit. By combining proper motion of the pulsar with radial velocity measurements of the companion, they measure the 3D velocity of the system, which is then used to constrain the masses of the stars prior to the supernova explosion and the kick the pulsar received at or immediately after the explosion.

ATNF Science Highlights from refereed publications during 2014.

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