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4th of August 2015
An HI View of Galaxy Conformity: HI-rich Environment around HI-excess Galaxies
by Jing Wang (CASS)
We (J. Wang, P. Serra, B. Koribalski with collaborators outside CASS) have developed a new technique to investigate HI below the detection limit for individual sources in the interferometry data (the paper is accepted for publication in MNRAS: astro-ph/1507.0850). We apply the technique to the Bluedisk data and find an excess of HI mass outside the detected galaxies in the 500 kpc environment around less massive and HI-rich central galaxies (in the figure the blue shades are for low stellar mass and low HI mass fraction and the red shades are for the high stellar mass and high HI mass fraction). The "less massive" here refers to the 10-10.5 dex Msun stellar mass range and "HI-rich" means having a high HI mass at a fixed stellar mass or star formation rate properties in the sample. The result is consistent with the picture of lambda-CDM predicted cold-mode gas accretion for galaxies.

Paper reference: J. Wang, Serra, Jozsa, Koribalski, van der Hulst, Kamphuis, Li, Fu, Overzier, Wieringa, E. Wang 2015, MNRAS, in press

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