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4th of February 2015
ASKAP Highlights - Tucana field, now 3 epochs & 150 degr2
by Ian Heywood (CASS) and ASKAP team
The above image was made as part of BETA commissioning to test the rapid, wide area survey capabilities of the telescope. It covers 150 square degrees to a (1-sigma) depth of below 1 mJy in only 12 hours of observing time. This observation was repeated on three different days, and the above three colour image has a one of the three epochs in each of the red, green and blue image channels. Each epoch contains approximately 2000 sources above 5-sigma. Fading sources would appear red in this image, and anything that was brightening would appear blue. The fact that everything looks white is reassuring from a system stability point of view, if a little disappointing for the transient enthusiasts, who will nonetheless hopefully be reassured by the demonstrably superb capabilities of ASKAP in this domain.

Credits for this image: observations by Keith Bannister (CASS), calibration and imaging by Ian Heywood (CASS), and the fact that this is at all possible: the ASKAP and ACES teams.

Job opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Radio Interferometry Calibration and Imaging (apply before Feb 8)

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