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4th of September 2015
First image with MkII PAFs on ASKAP
by Ant Schinckel (CASS)
This is the first MkII PAF single-port image on ASKAP, taken by Maxim Voronkov and Aidan Hotan. The target is PKS 1934-638, one of the strongest compact sources at 1.4 GHz (over 48 MHz bandwidth, centred at 939.5 MHz). This is an outstanding result thanks to a great team who have worked tirelessly to get this far: designing, building, installing, testing and debugging these systems. The success of the MkII systems is built on the shoulders of the MkI systems - huge engineering steps, pivotal in the development process of our chequerboard PAFs and key components on the path to the successes ASKAP will achieve in the future.

For more information, see this ASKAP News article.

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