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5th of November 2015
First 16-beam image with ASKAP MkII PAFs
by the ASKAP team
In the latest ASKAP Update No 8, Maxim Voronkov, Adan Hotan, John Reynolds, and Dave McConnell report the first radio images from ASKAP using its second generation (Mk II) Phased Array Feeds (PAFs). These images result from early commissioning trials of four antennas, their PAFs and the associated digital spectrometers, beamformers and correlator. The first single-beam image was shown recently on ADAP and targeted the source B0407-658. The image shown here has 16 formed (synthetic) beams, more than any other radio image to date. It was taken at 939.5 MHz (48 MHz bandwidth) with three ASKAP antennas. All data were processed in ASKAPsoft.

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