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9th of April 2015
Update on HI data collection from GBT, Parkes and Arecibo telescopes
for the Cosmic Flows project
by Helene Courtois (University of Lyon)
Cosmic Flows is an international multi-element project with the goal to map motions of galaxies in the Local Universe. Kinematic information from observations in the radio HI line and photometry at optical or near-infrared bands are acquired to derive the large majority of distances that are obtained through the luminosity-linewidth or Tully-Fisher relation. This paper gathers additional observational radio data, frequently unpublished, retrieved from the archives of Green Bank, Parkes and Arecibo telescopes. Extracted HI profiles are consistently processed to produce linewidth measurements. Our current "All-Digital HI Catalog" contains a total of 20,343 HI spectra for 17,738 galaxies, including 14,802 galaxies with accurate linewidth measurement useful for Tully-Fisher galaxy distances. This addition of 4,117 new measurements represents an augmentation of 34% compared to our last release. - Paper published by Courtois & Tully (2015, MNRAS 447, 1531).

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