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9th of May 2015
GASS III, Parkes Galactic All Sky Survey, new data release
by Peter Kalberla & Urmas Haud
A new version of the Parkes Galactic All Sky Survey (GASS) is available at arXiv:1505.01011 (Kalberla & Haud 2015). Major improvements are based on the use of HEALPIX for spatial gridding and the decomposition of all HI profiles into Gaussian components with the aim to use the parameters to identify and flag spectra that have been affected by instrumental effects or radio frequency interference (RFI). Scanning effects, caused by correlator failures, and remaining RFI could be removed. In addition, the baseline fitting and subtraction was improved.

The channel map, displayed above, shows as an example a clean picture of the large scale Galactic HI emission at a velocity of 4 km/s. Brightness temperatures TB < 100 K are displayed on a logarithmic scale. Numerous filaments are visible, including HI self absorption features in the Galactic center region.

Credits: Peter Kalberla (Argelander-Institut für Astronomie, Bonn) and Urmas Haud (Tartu Observatory, Tõravere)

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