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10th of March 2015
Studying stellar nurseries
by Claire-Elise Green (University of NSW)
Molecular clouds - clouds of gas and dust in space - are the birthplaces of stars and act as stellar nurseries. Using radio telescopes, like the 22-m Mopra telescope and the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), I am studying the structure of these molecular clouds to provide further insights into the initial conditions of star formation to answer the question of "how are stars born?" - The picture above is used at the start of my outreach video and shows the Cepheus Flare (original image by Stephen Leshin, APOD 30 Oct 2010).

Please vote for my video by the 30th of April so I can win $5000 to support my research (you will need to sign up to the Thinkable.org website to vote, but you can put up your own 'researcher profile' and share your work on the site). - Thanks.

Claire-Elise Green is a PhD student at the University of NSW and a member of the ATNF Graduate Student Program.

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