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13th of January 2015
2014 Science Highlights
What triggers a radio AGN? The intriguing case of
PKS B1718-649
Maccagni et al. (2014) present new Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) observations of the young radio galaxy PKS B1718-649. They study the morphology and the kinematics of the neutral hydrogen (HI) disk and focus on analyzing the cold gas in relation to the triggering of the nuclear activity. The different kinematical properties of two distinct HI absorption lines suggest that PKS B1718-649 may belong to a family of young low-excitation radio AGN where, rather than through a gas-rich merger, the active nuclei (AGN) are triggered by local mechanisms such as accretion of small gas clouds.

ATNF Science Highlights from refereed publications during 2014.

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