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14th of February 2015
Single pulses from PSR J1107-5907
by Charlotte Ward (University of Sydney)
This image shows the variable behaviour of the nulling pulsar PSR J1107-5907. This search mode data, obtained from Parkes last year, shows the shape of pulses in a period where the pulsar 'turns on' at both 732 MHz (left) and 3094 MHz (right). Each row depicts consecutive single pulses as time passes, where the height is proportional to the relative flux density of the pulse. The plot shows that the pulses change between being very strong and being apparently non-existent within very short periods of time. The pulse shape does not only vary significantly over time, but looks very different at the two frequencies. Further studies will look into investigating the presence or absence of selective nulling, in which the pulsar turns off at some frequencies but not other frequencies.

CASS Summer Vacation Scholarship Program (Nov 2014 - Feb 2015)

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