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14th of October 2015
ERIS2015: 6th European Radio Interferometry School
The 6th European Radio Interferometry School was held on Sep 6-10, 2015, at ESO in Garching. The topics covered included:
  • Fundamentals of radio interferometry
  • Calibration of continuum, spectral-line and polarization data
  • Imaging, deconvolution and self-calibration
  • Low-frequency (LOFAR), cm-wave (Jansky VLA, eMERLIN), mm-wave (ALMA, NOEMA) and Very Long Baseline Interferometry (EVN)
  • Extracting information from images and data cubes; interpreting the results
  • Choosing the most effective array(s) for your project and writing proposals

All talks are on-line under the ERIS2015 Programme.

Picture credit: ESO

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