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15th of January 2015
2014 Science Highlights
2MTF - IV. A bulk flow measurement of the local Universe
Hong et al. (2014) use 2MASS near-infrared photometry and high signal-to-noise HI 21-cm data from the Arecibo, Green Bank, Nancay, and Parkes telescopes to calculate the redshift-independent distances and peculiar velocities of 2018 bright inclined spiral galaxies over the whole sky. This project is part of the 2MASS Tully-Fisher survey (2MTF), aiming to map the galaxy peculiar velocity field within 100 Mpc. - The image shows the sky coverage of the 2018 2MTF galaxies in Galactic coordinates with an Aitoff projection; red points are galaxies with positive peculiar velocities and blue points those with negative peculiar velocities. The bulk flow direction determined from the 2MTF sample is presented by the green circle; the size of the circle indicates the 1 sigma error.

ATNF Science Highlights from refereed publications during 2014.

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