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16th of July 2015
On the neutral gas content of nine new Milky Way satellite galaxy candidates
by Tobias Westmeier (ICRAR/UWA)
Westmeier et al. (2015) use a new, improved version of the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) to search for HI emission from nine new, ultra-faint Milky Way satellite galaxy candidates recently discovered in data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES). None of the candidates is detected in HI, implying upper limits for their HI masses of typically several hundred to a few thousand solar masses. The resulting upper limits on MHI/LV and MHI/M* suggest that at least some of the new galaxy candidates are HI deficient. This finding is consistent with the general HI deficiency of satellite galaxies located within the Milky Way's virial radius and supports the hypothesis that gas is being removed from satellites by tidal and ram-pressure forces during perigalactic passages. In addition, some of the objects may be embedded in, and interacting with, the extended neutral and ionised gas filaments of the Magellanic Stream.

Reference: Westmeier, Staveley-Smith, Calabretta, Jurek, Koribalski, Meyer, Popping, and Wong 2015, MNRAS, accepted (astro-ph/1507.03661)

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