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17th of October 2015
Constructing the Australia Telescope Compact Array
Photo credit: CSIRO
The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), shown above during construction, was opened in 1988. It consists of six 22-m dishes with a maximum baseline of 6 km, together forming a earth-rotation radio interferometer. The ATCA - located near Narrabri in NSW - is continuously being upgraded, eg. by expanding its frequency range to cover 1 - 105 GHz, increasing the observing bandwidth by a factor ~20, adding a North-South spur for better imaging at millimeter wavelengths, installing a new supercomputer to correlate the incoming radio signals from the array, etc.

More images are available in our large collection of CSIRO science images, which includes 70 astronomy images. The whole science image archive currently holds 4127 images and videos.

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