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18th of February 2015
The first new 6.7 GHz methanol maser detected in the MMB survey
A tribute to Jim Caswell by Maxim Voronkov (CASS)
Maxim writes "As a maser person, I obviously knew Jim's papers well before I met him for the first time in March 2001. In fact, working as a student on my first contribution to an observational paper, I was tasked with writing a Caswell-style review of observed sources. Later on, Jim became a very valuable collaborator of mine. I was always amazed with his attention to details and the overall quality of results. If I ever have to rate experimental astronomers by the quality and completeness of the analysis they produce, it would be fair to assign the 100% mark to Jim."

Link: Short biography of James (Jim) Caswell who died Jan 14, 2015

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