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18th of January 2015
ATNF News No. 77
The latest issue of the ATNF News features observatory and project reports, awards (congratulations to Ryan Shannon !) and new postdoctoral staff (welcome to Josh Marvil, Antonia Rowlinson, Jing Wang, Martin Bell & James Allison), reports on recent conferences ("Southern Cross Meeting VII: Powerful AGN across cosmic time" and "The Periphery of Disks"), education and outreach events, incl. a summary of the CASS Radio School 2014, and four fabulous science reports.
  • Into the 'redshift desert' with BETA
  • The Galactic Centre: a local analogue for the early Universe
  • Students 'suss out' peculiar pulsar
  • Discovery of the first extragalactic class 1 methanol maser

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