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19th of March 2015
Measuring Galaxy Structure from WALLABY Gas Kinematics
by Kristine Spekkens (RMC, Canada)
WALLABY, the top-ranked spectral line survey that will be carried out with the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP), will revolutionize our understanding of local galaxy structure by resolving the HI distributions of thousands of nearby systems. In the above image, simulated "channel maps" -- maps of the HI distribution as a function of observing frequency -- of a typical WALLABY detection are shown on the left, while the underlying disk geometry and rotation curve for the corresponding galaxy are shown on the right. The WALLABY kinematics working group is designing the analysis pipeline that will infer these kinematic parameters from HI channel maps. Progress on this front is being made using two-dimensional and three-dimensional fitting techniques, both of which have shown promise for modelling different subsets of resolved WALLABY detections. Integrating these approaches into a single, seamless pipeline is one focus of the kinematics group splinter session that kicks off today at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, bringing together researchers from three continents to tackle this challenging task.

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