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21st of March 2015
Two Radio Emission Mechanisms in PSR J0901-4624
by Simon Johnston (CASS)
Raithel, Shannon, Johnston & Kerr (2015) detected sporadic, bright, short-duration radio pulses from PSR J0901-4624. These pulses are emitted simultaneously with persistent, periodic emission that dominates the flux density when averaging over many periods of the pulsar. - The left image shows the integrated profile of PSR J0901-4624: total intensity in black, circular polarization in blue, and linear polarization in red. The top trace shows the position angle of the linear polarization with a trace showing the best fit geometrical model. The right image shows the profile of the very bright pulses. These bright pulses have power-law statistics and show a lack of linear polarization in contrast to the integrated profile. We surmise that this pulsar shows two distinct radio emission modes operating simultaneously in the magnetosphere.

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