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23rd of January 2015
2014 Science Highlights
The three discrete nulling time-scales of PSR J1717-4054
Kerr et al. (2014) studied the emission from PSR J1717-4054 over intervals from single pulses to years using the Parkes radio telescope and the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). They identified and characterized nulling at three discrete time-scales: the pulsar emits during `active states' separated by nulls lasting many thousands of rotations, while active states themselves are interrupted by nulls with a bimodal distribution of durations - one to two rotations, or tens of rotations. - The image shows a typical "waterfall" plot with the pulsar in its ON & OFF states over the two days of observations. Both the long nulls and short nulls are clearly visible, as well as the extreme randomness in distribution of OFF times.

ATNF Science Highlights from refereed publications during 2014.

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