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23rd of July 2015
Good news for Parkes Telescope
by Brett Preisig (CASS)
A great article in the Parkes Champion-Post describes the recent news for the CSIRO 64-m Parkes Dish. Our wonderful radio telescope is in high demand by the international astronomy community, doing cutting-edge research on pulsars, fast radio bursts (FRB), neutral hydrogen mapping of galaxies, maser and many other exciting projects. The collaboration with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, which will use 25% of the telescope's time over at least the next five years, makes sure the Parkes Dish will continue to do excellent science with the best possible instrumentation for many years to come. - The beautiful photo of the Parkes Telecope was taken by CASS staff member Brett Preisig on the occasion of the Cancer Council's Daffodil Day.

More information on the Breakthrough Prize: (1) "The hunt for ET will boost Australian astronomy" (by CASS Director Lewis Ball) and (2) "CSIRO and Internet investor Yuri Milner strike deal for ET search" (CSIRO News).

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